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UL7AAjr personal info

I have been working as a professional programmer for the past 30 years. But at the same time electronics is my hobby for forty years. I'm at a loss to say whether I'm a programmer or an electronics engineer.

As a programmer, I achieved a lot. My experience is to develop visual and non-visual components, complex mathematical algorithms, object-oriented databases, user interface design, reverse 3D object modeling. Most of my developments allow to accelerate the process of developing the final product at times. My long experience with users allows me to create user-friendly interfaces that are easily accepted by the end user.

At the same time, knowledge of the basics of microprocessors and low-level programming languages ​​allow me to develop fast and efficient algorithms for microcontrollers. It's logical that basically I use the assembler language for programming devices of this type.

As an electronics engineer, I went from lamp amplifiers and transistor computers to modern wireless devices. And I know how it works and consturucted inside. I have a lot of experience in planning and developing electronic circuits. Both in super-low-power systems and in powerful and efficient power converters. Knowledge of basic processes in electrical circuits allow me to develop energy-efficient devices. And this is simply the result of many years of experience. For the development of electronic devices for the past few years I'm using Altium Designer.


Samaples of my software applications.

It's a part of project to keep geologicall wells data and represent it in "right" printable format.










And one more sample of user inerface design. This is a tool for creating bitmap font for small LCD  devices.














 STM8 assembler IDE













And a small example of my work as an electronics engineer. This is a universal module developed by me based on the STM32L microcontroller. The module is designed for various applications where software control of electronic devices are required.














PCB design




























and resut