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Delphi, Ingeo3 client/server application


This is the most complex application I have been working on for more than 10 years. The application is intended for store and process various data of deposits of solid minerals. The application consists of two parts: a client part with a visual interface and a server part.

The server part is my development and is not based on any existing technologies. Instead of tables, records, and fields, the database stores objects and their properties. The server part is responsible for resolving conflicts and provides the ability to select actions while simultaneously changing one object by different users. Each database object has additional attributes about the version, unique identifier, owner, change date, etc. Currently, the server contains more than 10 databases of deposits in each there are hundreds of wells with the results of sampling and other service information including graphical information and three-dimensional models.

The user part presents a visual interface to the stored data. The application allows user to enter and modify data (the user can not delete data, just the mark for deletion). There are several possibilities for importing and exporting data. Built-in 2D and 3D CAD allows users to edit graphic data and perform various analyzes. Simulation in the semi-automatic mode makes it possible to simplify the work of the geologist and allow to be sure that his interpretation of the data is correct if it is close to the result of the automatic model.


 A survey of data on wells with automatic drawing of a geological column.


Automatic drawing of a geological section with superposition of the proposed model of ore bodies.


Automatic drawing of signs of mineral manifestation on the basis of geochemical profiles.


Automatic creation of a 3D deposit with ore bodies and superimposing an image of a development project.