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Sensor development is not the only task I'm trying to solve. The main idea is to create a set of devices that allow you to build an automatic irrigation system. As for the garden, and for the house. 



Old project of irrigation point contoller. There was a big water valve used. 


At the top of controller is 3.5mm jack to connect soil moisture sensor, water valve outlet at right side. Three leds used to indicate current status of controller. Blue led means controller is powered. Green led blinked while data exchange with main controller. Lighting red light means errors in water valve or flashing if valve is currently open.

Controller connected to the main unit using RS485 (Modbus) interface. Connectors are located at bottom side of the controller.

 Controller dropped as "too big  to use"



Plant pot irrigation controller

Plant pot irrigation controllerPlant pot irrigation controller

5.5 х 4 х 2 cm size. Has motorized valve on board. Interface RS485 (Modbus).